Burning with the Fires of Revival

Andy & Karyn Pricer
Deputy Directors of
Field Operations Fire International

We have been missionaries with Fire International since 1999. We mainly minister in and around Guadalajara, Mexico's second largest city, with a population of 8-10 million people. Our passion is to see others from every walk of life be transformed by the Fire of the Gospel. We were both impacted by the Brownsville Revival and Revival Fire runs through our veins. So whether through street ministry, our supernatural Bible school, local church visitation, or world travel, our goal is to SET IT ALL ABLAZE! Making disciples that make disciples that are following hard after God. What an amazing adventure!

Street Ministry

From the homeless to those that are just our for the nightlife, we connect with them all. For some we bring food, for others we do wound care, basically we use every creative avenue we can to bring them into an encounter with His love. Other methods include dream and tattoo interpretations, spiritual cleansing, and physical healings. Often meeting peoples felt needs leads them to their true need for Jesus. The Goodness of God flowing through the streets bringing Revival Fire. We accept the challenge!

Ministry School-ESFM

And not just any ministry school, but a Supernatural School of Ministry. We are currently in our 12th year of imparting the Kingdom and teaching practically how to release it to others. It all starts with them knowing their identities, learning to hear the voice of the Lord for themselves and others, and then walking out that supernatural lifestyle on a daily bases. Living Naturally in the Supernatural is what we teach, model, and release over others.


Locally and abroad, no place is too close nor too far. Traveling is one of the privileges and responsibilities we have as Deputy Directors of Field Operations for FI. Visiting missionaries, ministries, churches, homes, nations, and countries all to bring the Kingdom. Let us know if you want some Fuego in your church or home. We are ready to travel!

Get Involved

We love the partnerships we have made with so many people all over the world. And honestly we just cannot do this without them, well maybe we could be we don't want to. We are called to be a body, we are in this thing together. Our fruit is the fruit of those who give, pray, and visit. There are many ways to help us. Prayer is the most essential. Follow along in our newsletters to see prayer needs. We also need finances. It just takes money to get things done. And finally you can visit. We have hosted teams, interns, youth groups, family groups, church groups, and more. Plan your trip now. Short-term missions will change your life, you will never be the same!

Send me a message or ask me a question using the form. I will do my best to get back to you soon!