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A controlled burn is placed where it can be most effective.  At FIREmexico, we do have our hand in quite a bit, but we believe our Fires are strategically and spiritually placed for maximum extension of the Kingdom of God.  We understand the Fire to be the manifest presence of the Spirit of God that brings about a passion for more of Jesus.  This is what we want to see in every area we are involved in.

We just finished our 3rd year of our
Supernatural School of Ministry here in Guadalajara. The culture of Heaven is our emphasis and how that relates to our identity, our freedom, & our worship.  We are  imparting God’s perspective of how we see ourselves and others, thus impacting how we live and relate to others.  Healing, prophecy, revival, & intercession are a few of the important themes taught in the school. 

Training people to be leaders and at times training leaders to be people are  important aspects of our ministry.  People just need the place and the opportunity to be all that God created them to be.  That means if they fall down we are there to help them up and not kick them while they're down.  The culture of Honor says I value you for your destiny not your past.  So whether it is in one of Guadalajara’s largest churches are the smallest hut in the mountains, hours from home, we strive to make all men a valuable part of the kingdom.


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What we do & where we go

Oct 17-21, FIRE Missions Conference, Concord, NC

Oct 26, Goldsboro, NC--Church on the Rock

Nov 1, Bedford, TX--The Refuge DFW

Nov 2, Euless, TX--

Nov 9, Lumberton, TX--Journey Church

Nov 16, am Beaumont, TX--Fathers’s House

Nov 16, pm Beaumont, TX--CFWC

Nov 23, Pt. Arthur,TX--Life Church

Nov 30, Vidor, TX--Love & Truth Church

Dec 7, am Orange, TX--Orange Community

Dec 7, pm Beaumont, TX--Cathedral

Dec 10-17--Cameroon, Africa

Dec 21, Beaumont, TX--available

Our State’s Itinerary 2014

Churches where we are visiting and/or ministering.  Come out and see us if you are in the area.  Contact us for more info.


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