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We are in constant need of your prayers. We face many of the similar trials and struggles that many of you face everyday plus some simply due to the fact of being on the front lines against the enemy of our souls. We know who holds the victory, but we also want to avoid the unnecessary bruising and bumps as we fight. So please pray.  It’s our greatest weapon. 


Financial giving to missions has been around since the days the Apostle Paul. He encouraged giving and recognized the connection between money and extending the Kingdom of God. We are faith based missionaries and depend on the contributions of churches, individuals, businesses and others for both our personal and ministerial needs. We ultimately trust in and believe in our Great Supplier, Jesus Christ, for all our needs, also knowing He places the needs of others on the hearts of people so they may learn to give as He also gave of Himself. Pray about how you may become a partner with us in this great Gospel adventure of saving men’s souls from Hell. Click here to be redirected to contact and giving info.


How about plan a group or individual trip.  We have hosted many teams from various parts of the country and world.  We would love to have you.  Each trip is designed to match the talents and gifting of your team members.  Youth events, construction projects, healing crusades, village work, or city street evangelism.  We can put the perfect ministry trip together for you and your group.

Mission Trip

We are very excited about the FIREmexico dream.  Our main building we use for many of our services has been under construction for a number of years and we would love to finish the project.  You can find out more about it at www.ifuego.org

Building Project

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Brainstorm ideas with your family or youth group to think of creative ways to support mission.  Car wash, bake sale, care packages for missionary kids.  Dream it!

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